Learning & development

Bizmedia has been a keen supporter of the learning and development industry for over 10 years

Bizmedia is a key part of the learning and development space, providing opportunities for sellers to reach buyers, a forum for industry communication, research, and a platform for companies to get a message to rest of the world.

E.learning age was launched in 2001 and is now established as the magazine at the forefront of the industry, covering company and product news, in-depth analysis and opinion from the biggest names in the industry.

From this launch pad the E-Learning_Awards were started in 2005 and are now universally recognised as the premier event for e-learning and technology-based learning.


Bizmedia has also run several training and seminar sessions in this area, worked with the Online Learning Europe exhibition, and has produced custom publications for clients such as Adobe and  Becta. The quality of the relationships and strategic partnerships we have with suppliers, buyers and industry figures in this area is a major strength of the company.

We can provide the following solutions within the learning and development sector:


learning and development
learning and development